Take a glimpse into the first origin story of the Majesties of Canaan superhero saga. With the first two books already in circulation, author and creator, Chayil Champion takes us deeper into the lives of each superhero before they attained their abilities.


Chapter 1

Reasons for War



“Baby, why must you leave here to fight another country’s war? Angola needs you here,” said Milija Chuweh as she wrapped her arms around her husband’s waist.

Mukimbu Chuweh, a 6’8” brown-skinned, Angolan soldier draped in green military fatigues and a tight-fit, green Under Armour shirt to match, stared down into his wife’s eyes beholding her beauty while taking in her reasonable plea for him to remain home. The two stood, embraced to one another in their kitchen after a delightful breakfast.

“Sweetheart, this war is bigger than me. The world is changing for the worse and the entire continent of Africa is vulnerable right now. Greed and corruption have consumed many. There are over 30 Middle East terrorist groups who are playing a cruel game of divide and conquer; rioting parts of Northern Africa while in their pursuit of the “black diamond.”

“Baby, I know, but what does that have to do with you going over 2,000 miles north to fight in Niger. It makes no sense!”

“Niger is under attack and their generals have made a call for any able and willing soldiers to come to their aide. Sadly enough, we don’t have enough men answering the call and other countries around the world don’t give a rat’s butt what happens in Africa. If we stand by and let the northern countries fall, they’ll begin to make their way down to the southern countries as well. Our country has been protected by God’s hand, which is more reason why I cannot sit idly by and watch this happen. Plus, my brother is there.”

“What about your son and daughter?” asked Milija, releasing her hands from around her husband and stepping back to look at him in disdain. “Abilio needs you! Elsabe needs you! I need you!”

“Baby, I’ll only be gone for a week. Then, I’m coming back. Angola will be fine. There’s no sign of a threat headed this way, so you and the children will be fine. I’ve asked Welabe to check on you daily while I’m gone.”

“Really, Mukimbu? An old man. What’s he going to do if something should go wrong?”

“Baby, you worry too much. Angola boasts one of the strongest militaries in all of Africa. Our homeland security is top of the line and only a few of us our going on the call to help Niger.”

“I understand, but it is unnecessary for you to go. You have served your country well and you are still serving your country by rendering your services here. Why do you feel obligated to be everywhere?” said Milija as her tone proved agitated.

“Because I serve a purpose bigger than a country, or even a continent for that matter. I see evil growing in a world that God intended for men to rule over in peace. I’m fighting a much bigger battle for a much bigger purpose than meets the eye.”

Milija put her face in her hands and rubbed it gently, inconspicuously gritting her teeth to conceal her frustration at her husband’s rationale. She calmed herself and brought her face up to look at him.”

“Baby, I know what you’re feeling; this sense of compulsion to do more drives you, but God doesn’t need us to fight in every war. The Old Testament spoke of battles where the Lord moved and the soldiers didn’t have to lift a finger.”

“We live in different times, Milija.”

“Yeah, but we serve the same God who has delivered men from evil from the beginning of time. You need to spend more time in prayer than on the battlefield.”

“Enough!” belted an agitated Mukimbu. “I’m going and that’s final, Milija.”

“Ok,” said Milija in a calm manner as she backed down submissively to her husband’s angry rebuttal. “Just do me a favor and talk to your children. They’re going to want to know why their daddy is leaving them again. I’m out of excuses.”

Milija turned around and left the room.

Feeling conviction for the way he spoke to his wife, Mukimbu sighed deeply and leaned over the kitchen sink. He watched his son and daughter playing cheerfully in the backyard. Their laughter and giggle brought joy to him on a daily basis. Seeing them play caused him to smirk, despite the slight altercation with him and his wife.

Mukimbu walked outside to the backyard. He kneeled down and picked up some soil where his wife had been planting a new garden. Aganathin let the soil run through his fingers back to the ground. A sensation he enjoyed ever since he was a child; a kid who enjoyed the elements and nature no matter what season they were in.

He stood up and called his children over to him.

“Abilio! Elsabe! Come!”

Aganathin’s children came running over to him. He kneeled down once more to catch them both with a large bear hug. His huge arms swallowed up both of his children as he hugged them and fell backwards, imitating as if he had just been tackled. The soldier rolled around the ground with both of them, making grizzly bear sounds as their giggles echoed in the outdoors. After a few moments of play, Mukimbu rested on one knee as his children stood in front of him.

“Listen. Daddy has to go away for a few days. You both know about the attacks going on around the world. Daddy has to go see to it that the bad men don’t hurt anymore people.”

“Daddy, where are you going?” asked Abilio. “I’m going to Niger, son. They are under serious attack and they need reinforcements. I’m only going to be gone for a week and I promise you two we’ll all go on a family vacation; ok?”

“Ok, Daddy,” said Abilio as he hugged his father.

“I love you, Daddy,” said Elsabe as she came in for a hug alongside her brother.

“I love you too, Princess! You both make sure you take care of your mother while I’m gone.”

“We will,” said Elsabe.

“Abilio, you make sure you watch over your sister and your mother. You’re the man of the house while I’m gone.”

“I will, Daddy.”

Mukimbu sent the children inside as he followed after them. He went into his den, which also served as his safe place for his weapons and machinery. He began to pack his army bag with his hand guns and grenades. He grabbed his machine gun, loaded it with a magazine full of bullets, and put the other magazines in his bag. He then made his way to a wall where two axes hung from a hook. He removed both of them, grabbed his bag, and made his way to the bedroom where his wife sat on the bed staring out the window with tears streaming down her face. It was a scene that made him feel all the more convicted about how he snapped at his wife earlier.

“Baby… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to talk to you the way I did. There’s no excuse.”

“Save your apologies, Mukimbu,” said Milija as she wiped the tears from her face with her hand. “When I married you, I knew what I was getting. Any man who turns down a chance to play pro basketball in America to fight in a war is truly a soldier at heart. Besides, you’re right. The world is drowning in more evil than ever and only few are answering the call. I guess I’m just selfishly upset that my husband is one of the few and I hate that I have to share you with the rest of the world.”

“I’ll make it up to you when I get back,” said Mukimbu hoping to smooth things over and win a satisfying approval from his wife.

“You don’t have to patronize me, Mukimbu. Go! The kids and I will be fine.”

Milija’s response, coupled with her dismissive tone, let Mukimbu know that she was not in a good mood. Mukimbu sighed in lackadaisical defeat, grabbed his bag, and exited his house. He threw his bag and axes into a faded beige Hummer, which was parked outside and drove a few miles up the road to the army base in Luanda, the country’s capital.



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