If you have never watched the movie The Purge, or any of its sequels for that matter, you should. Not because the movie is great (its not), but it poses a big “whatif” dichotomy that takes place in your head. Its a notion that causes you to ponder ‘what if our American government did allow a legal day of mass killing for us to kill the people we hate?’ Then it hit me- our government already does allow that- everyday.

Sorry, Mr. Trump. In this American Horror Story, America will never be great again!

It never was. When hateful Whites kill(ed) Blacks it was because they hated the color of their skin. When Black people kill(ed) each other its because- well- we hate the color of our own skin too. We can attribute it to gang violence, drugs, or whatever social ill you can name. Nonetheless, the same pretense of hate we kill ourselves under is the same hate that influenced White cops to kill Black innocent males. Hell, we’ve been purging for centuries as far as I see it. Some cultures have just been a little more unfortunate than others when it comes to seeing it more regularly.

So what’s the answer to this senseless measure of hate? Some of us have heard this before, but its going to take accountability on both sides. Yes, we need Whites who are willing and not filled with hate to step up and speak out on these issues. It was necessary to end slavery on December 6th, 1865 and it is necessary now to end injustice in 2017. However, I can’t ask for accountability for Whites to join us in this fight until I put the onus on gang members, drug dealers, and those of us who are killing each other within the Black community  to do it first. Otherwise, the immoral killings of innocent Blacks are justified. At least that’s what hateful White Americans will believe.

We are far from an American Dream as a country, but with accountability from both sides we can put an end to the nightmare many of us have been living. Just as the famous novel from Madelein L’Engle, A Wrinkle In Time, reminds us- Love Trumps Hate every time. (Pun intended).


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