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Chayil Champion is an author, screenwriter, and speaker. Champion has three published works available in print and digital format; "Exiting The Wilderness", "...But He Said He Was A Christian", and "Affiliated." Champion recently signed with Cosby Media Productions where he will be publishing a series of fiction and non-fiction books. A former two-sport athlete at the University of Miami and fitness advocate, Champion can be found running the canyons in Southern California or hanging from a pull-up bar when he's not writing.


    Recently, I read an article in Forbes that listed the top 12 highest paid authors of 2016 and I must admit that I was highly motivated after reading it. Now, before I get to the meat of my point, I want to make the disclaimer that as an author, I write for the ...



  I am a comic book head to the tenth degree and I admit, even at 40 years of age, that 8 year-old boy inside of me comes out when DC or Marvel drops a superhero movie. Two of my favorite heroes were Flash (DC) and Quicksilver (Marvel) among a few others. These two drew ...


POWER of 3: How Three Black Authors are Creating a Diverse, MultiCultural Superhero Universe

The next few months are going to be critical for writers Keshawn Dodds, Chayil Champion, and Braxton Cosby. These three authors/novelists have written their own individual superhero stories under the new Dark Spores Novel series and will be bringing their heroic characters together in an upcoming collaboration titled “Infinity 7” to be released early in ...