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Majesties of Canaan is a new superhero series written by Chayil Champion and is already available on Amazon. This novel series envelopes a new breed of heroes formed from a military counter-terrorist and espionage unit assembled to protect a future day Israel. As the entire world is on the brink of uncontrollable chaos due to race wars, political differences, financial disarray, and religious prejudice, a new Syrian dictatorship led by Tanwar Terah is on the rise to implement a new world order and government that they feel is the answer to the earth’s woes. Nonetheless, the evil dictator’s plans cannot take place until he has taken over the nation of Israel. Israel’s Prime Minister Tamas Mashol readies the military for one of the biggest wars Israel will have to face.
Mashol’s strategies move Israel to create sleeper espionage units to hunt down Tanwar and destroy his plans from the top down. Of the many sleeper cells activated by the Israeli government, a favorable circumstance falls upon a group seven well-trained and bold soldiers of different ethnicity. These seven bonded over the goal to keep Israel and the rest of the world safe from the growing dictator movement backed by demonic forces, genetic mutations, enhanced weaponry and giants…yes, giants.
When the book begins, the team of seven (7) brave soldiers find Tanwar’s hide out but also find themselves on the wrong side of a high speed chase as they try to cross Israel’s border from Syria while under fire with a slew of angry militia behind them. In their push to escape, they stumble upon a seclusive cave where no man has ever been, which they use as a hideout. In the cave, they meet an unusual celestial figure who introduces them to an earthly element never found before called Oramite. At the man’s beckoning,  the soldiers cautiously submerge themselves into the liquid and emerge with enhanced, supernormal gifts. They later learn that the Oramite substance infuses to its host and turns weaknesses into strengths and makes the strengths even more enhanced. With their new gifts, each hero bares the burden to fight the hugest war the world has ever seen.
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blessed new
Peter Carmoni, a.k.a Blessed, is the leader of the Majesties of Canaan. A former boxing heavyweight champion, Carmoni who was half Jew, half Italian, turned his loyalty to defending Israel when he saw the tides change politically as Tanwar Terah, a brilliant and articulate Syrian dictator, cunningly united the nations surrounding Israel in an attempt to take over their government and resources. The Caste Republic was birthed out of Tanwar’s evil plan to control Israel and the rest of the world.
Carmoni enlisted in the Israeli military and quickly rose to the top as a commander of one of the elite counter-terror and espionage units. After a brutal battle, Carmoni finds himself as one of a few survivors left in his infantry. Israel found themselves in a tough fight and Prime Minister Tamas Mashol had to find a new tactic. The world was on the brink of chaos as many nations formed their allegiance with the Tanwar and the Caste Republic. Some nations sided with Israel and there were some who stayed neutral, not wanting to get involved.
Prime Minister Mashol instructed the military heads to form sleeper units to hunt the ‘head of the snake’. Carmoni was selected as the head of one of Israel’s sleeper teams. A devout man of prayer, Carmoni prayed that GOD would divinely unite him with unique and skilled fighters. After much prayer and with the use of his keen discernment, he handpicked six other soldiers to join his team. They had no clue of the trials and adventures that were awaiting them.
Powers: Carmoni, being the leader, was the first to submerge himself into the Oramite liquid when urged by the angelic being named Titus. His arms and fist became coated by the Oramite which gave him immeasurable strength. His hands smash through any service or lift any object. The Oramite also gave him the ability to heal others.
kasitia profile
Kasitia (Tricia Lockett) is the twin of K’nia (Denecia Lockett). The twins were born to an African-American father and Jewish mother; who were killed during the race wars while the girls were 16. Kasitia and her sister bolted from America when the country became torn over its allegiance to Israel. The country’s political system crumbled and it soon became a place of war and civil unrest. Prior to leaving America, both sisters, joined the U.S. military at 18 when they became old enough to serve. It was an easy way for them to get off the streets where they had lived for two years as orphans. With no one wanting to take them in and no relatives near that they knew of, the two twins fended for each other.
While in the military, Kasitia and K’nia became skilled with guns, knife throwing, and hand-to-hand combat. They snuck out of the country by way of a cargo ship that ended up in Israel. Both girls felt inclined to stand with their heritage from their mothers side and fight for the cause of Israel. Upon their arrival in  Israel, the girls meet Peter Carmoni and tells him of their military background, two years living on the streets of Los Angeles, and their escape from America. Peter, urged once again by the Holy Spirit, convinces the girls to join his team and his mission to protect Israel from the force that was about to come against them.
Powers: Tricia went through her trials while living on the street after losing her parents. On occasions, men would abuse her and her sister. Before joining the army, Tricia would often try to hide from the men who abused her and her sister only to be found and abused again. After emerging from the Oramite, she had the gift to become a shadow which made it easy for her to sneak up on her enemies and disable them. She also has impeccable aim and she is a beast with her two daggers.
slaycick profile
Denin Harvick (Slaycick) was a world class sprinter, stripped of his many gold medals after he failed a drug test which showed he had used performance enhancing drugs. He hit a wall of depression and ended up in poverty and homelessness. After contemplating taking his own life, his world was changed when a terrorist bomb exploded in a subway station in London where he was sleeping. He helped usher several people to safety among the flames and smoke; sprinting back and forth to help children and adults. After nearly losing his life while saving others, Denin decided he wanted to live. Authorities found out the bomb was constructed by terrorist from The Caste Republic.
After, his brush with death, Denin rededicated his life to GOD and helping others. He felt a tug on his heart telling him to go to Jerusalem, where he would eventually meet Blessed and the twins. Upon arriving in Jerusalem, Denin, discovered a new desire and purpose. That purpose was to join in the fight against terrorism.
Powers: Slaycick develops supernormal speed and agility after coming out of the Oramite. He currently travels at the speed of Mach 5, but keep an eye on him as there is much more to his story and the fact that he has only discovered the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his gifts.
K'nia Profile
K’nia (Denecia Lockett) is the twin sister of Kasitia. If you read Kasitia’s bio above then you know K’nia’s story… so let’s skip to the fun stuff and find out what she can do
Power: Shoots indestructible Oramite stars out of her hand; Extremely athletic and never misses her target. Very smart, cunning, and intelligent. Can be labeled the brains of the crew. Her acute awareness from being on the street made her very wise and crafty with a very high survival I.Q.
Aganathin Profile
Mukimbu Chuweh (Aganathin), an Angolan soldier, left his country on the continent of Africa after it was raided by a Syrian terrorist groups. His wife, son and daughter were killed in an execution style slaying right before his eyes. The man who killed his family would eventually become the Syrian dictator, Tanwar Terah. Chuweh was left for dead, but miraculously survived and nursed himself back to health. He slipped out of his country and made his way towards Israel after receiving a tip from a knowledgeable friend in a high place that Israel was putting together sleeper teams in hopes to catch Tanwar. After meeting Tricia Lockett and forming a unique bond with her, he was introduced to Blessed who was still putting his team of soldiers together. After learning of Chuweh’s testimony, blessed welcomed the giant to his team.
Power: The axe holder is able to transform into any earthly element or metal. He also has the ability to control the earthly elements including concrete, rocks, etc (creating earthquakes) and liquids.
Rekluse Profile final
Alexandria Tenares (Rekluse) and her boyfriend Robert Suki joined the Israeli army following the footsteps of their parents respectively who were a part of Israel’s military core in their youth. Alexandria’s parents defected to Israel from the Dominican Republic as devout Christians because of their desire to be in the place where the Messiah once walked. Growing up on the Israeli army base, Alexandria learned all about combat at an early age. She became very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and science, which is what formed her into one of the best bomb experts on the base. It was no doubt that the young, tenacious army brat would follow her parents and fight to protect the nation of Israel that she grew to love.
Power: Rekluse has the ability to make you see whatever she wants you to see. If she’s within a 400 meter radius of you she can make you hallucinate; turning a perfectly sunny day into what you think is a thunderstorm. Her fighting skills are second to none among the team and she is a surgeon with her Oramite javelin.
tenan profile
Robert Suki (Tenan) is a major factor on the team of seven. His parents, like his girlfriend Alexandria, joined the Israeli army after leaving North Korea. Also devout Christians, Suki’s family left North Korea when a dictatorship tried to murder those in the country who were professing Christianity. When his parents became Israeli citizens, they joined the military to help fight against opposing forces that would threaten society. Robert’s mom, became a military base nurse and his father became a well respected general. Robert met Alexandria on base when they kids and they grew up with a beautiful friendship that turned into a love affair. In combat, the two were inseparable and made a formidable team as they worked together to keep each other alive along with the rest of their unit. Robert and Alexandria were recruited by Peter Carmoni after their reputation preceded them as two of Israeli’s top soldiers who scored high in all areas of combat. Like, his girlfriend, he became highly skilled in martial arts and blowing things up… These two bring new meaning to the term “ride or die”
Power: Tenan is a portal dweller. He creates portals that take him in anywhere he wants to go in the world. He can control how long the portal stays open and who goes in and out. He soon learns that his portals can lead to other places outside of the galaxy and universe (hint, hint).






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