Literacy Series

Literacy Series


A new literacy series is in the mix! The Lost Souls Literary Series is perfect for English teachers and reading specialists who are looking for exciting new books! Affiliated and Going Pro are the two premier books in the series with more to come. Both books present exciting plot twists and valuable life lessons. In addition, they promote literacy and vocabulary gains. Each book comes with free lesson plans, activity sheets and Q&A sheets for schools who purchase.

There is also some more great news for educators. When your school purchases the class sets of the series, your school automatically qualifies for Chayil Champion’s Writer’s Workshop. That’s right! As a part of your purchase, Chayil Champion will come to your school campus and teach a One-day writing seminar. Your students will learn unique skill sets to become excellent writers. The students will be taught a new set of fundamentals straight from Champion’s own created writing model. Champion will also be using his platform of motivational speaking to inspire your students to make wise social and career choices.

Check out the brief synopsis of The Lost Souls books below.

Take a journey with Tajalik Stokes in Affiliated. The life of the teenage gang member takes a thrilling turn when he visits the depths of hell. Albeit, Tajalik’s disobedient nature takes him on a shaky roller coaster ride. Subsequently, life teaches him a lesson that all of us can relate to. Also, get swept away by the whirlwind of Enoch Zoles’ life when you read Going Pro. The All-American running back is just a few games from becoming a first round draft pick. However, when he meets a seductive vixen at a nightclub his world takes a hit.

Order now and set up your Writer’s workshop dates with Chayil Champion. Class sets can be ordered individually. Click here to order class sets for Affiliated. Click here to order class sets for Going Pro. Click here to order both class sets together.