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The Lost Souls Book Series boasts a perfect selection of reading material for the language arts and reading classrooms. It is also suitable for the teen or young adult looking for exciting stories with twists, turns, and critical life lessons.

With two books already available in eBook, paperback, and audio format, the Lost Souls Series is a part of Dr. Chayil Champion’s eight (8) book Literacy with Life Lessons campaign. The purpose is to provide readers with a fictional experience that excites, moves, and teaches through plots that focus on real-life issues.

The first two books of the series are available now through Amazon exclusively. Follow me on social media or subscribe here on the website to get updates on the upcoming books in the Lost Souls Series. If you are a reading teacher or language arts teacher looking for new, pedagogical resources to add to your classroom, feel free to click on the book images above to order your books. Once your books are ordered, download your free guided reading lesson plans and student reading activity sheets on this page!


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