Novels on the Horizon

Majesties of Canaan : The Goliath Project -book 1 (May 2016)

Get ready for a new kind of superhero team as seven (7) military soldiers who put their lives on the line, gear up to protect a post-apocalyptic Israel. An evil dictatorship has united the Middle East in order to begin its push for a new world government under a regime called The Caste Republic. Kasitia, K’nia, Rekluse, Blessed, Slaycick, Tenan, and Aganathin all have their work cut out for them as they battle against opposing military groups, supernatural demonic forces, giants, and dictators with superhuman abilities. Mark your calendars! The Majesties will be here before you know it!!

Meet the soldiers!!!


Unsheathed (Book 3 of the Lost Souls Series; December 2016)

Shea Dominguez thought her life as a stripper gave her everything she needed; good money, access to celebrity events, and her pick of choice men to share her body with when she chose to. Things start to take a turn in her life when she meets  multi millionaire, adult film star producer, Crane Ruthem. Soon she finds herself the object of a huge sex trafficking operation as she fights for her life in an escape attempt that could cost her life.